5 of the Best Places to Ski in Pennsylvania


The northeastern US stateof Pennsylvania is known for its diverse terrain, including forests, farmland, and perhaps most famously the rolling, beautiful Poconos mountains, with its lovely resorts and the state's best skiing. Here are my top five suggestions for the upcoming winter season: 


Blue Mountain Resort

Located in Palmerton, Blue Mountain is the best of the best ski spots in Pennsylvania. The resort offers the highest vertical peak and largest terrain of all of the ski areas in Pennsylvania. Great for people who like to party and for families alike, Blue Mountain offers a wide variety of lodging, eateries, bars and activities for people of all ages. There are 39 trails to ski at this spot, including some of the longest in the whole state.

Montage Mountain

Montage is located about eight miles outside of downtown Scranton and is rated on of Pennsylvania’s best overall ski spots. The mountain boasts 24 trails and the state's longest tubing trails, for those that enjoy snow but not necessarily skiing – or maybe both! There are some great lodging options, including condos and resorts, in the area. Since it is so close to downtown Scranton, there is also the option of staying in the city for more options and making the eight-mile drive for skiing.

Elk Mountain Ski Area

Located about 30 miles north of Scranton, Elk Mountain in the Endless Mountains has been given some awesome reviews by prestigious Ski magazine, including being listed as an "unsung hero" and a hidden gem of skiing. There isn’t a resort located in the immediate area, but there is a day lodge available that comes with a restaurant, rentals and ski and snowboarding lessons.

Bear Creek

Berks County's Bear Creek Mountain, formerly known as Doe Mountain until 1999, offers 21 trails and seven lifts, open for both daytime and nighttime skiing and snowtubing. Bear Creek Mountain also has a hotel with three restaurants, a salon and spa, and a meeting hall, making it one of the most popular ski areas in Pennsylvania.

Whitetail Ski Resort

Whitetail, located on Two Top Mountain, is a four-season resort that opened in 1991. Conveniently located just 89 miles away from Washington, DC, its ski area was designed to accommodate and separate skiers of different levels and abilities. Tougher trails have their own separate lifts from easier trails, making it ultra-convenient for skiers of all ages and abilities. Whitetail also offers a snowtubing park right next to their ski mountain, making it a good time for younger children and people who can’t ski.

Keep in mind that it can get VERY cold due to the higher altitude, so its a good idea for you to invest in a good ski jacket and ski pants. If you are looking to purchase them for the new season you can read some reviews of some quality ski jackets and the best ski pants.

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  • So glad to see Elk Mountain in this roundup. The phrase "best-kept secret" is often used in a dishonest way, but Elk is the real deal.

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