Say Goodbye to Ear Buds When Traveling


I can't figure it out. The reality of having an endless stream of tunes via smart phone/iPod has been with us for years. Yet we cling to remarkably ubiquitous low tech ear buds. Reminds me of those build-your-own crystal radio set ear pieces I played around with as a kid. Tethered by wires, you can never seem to keep them comfortably planted in your ears. Way too high a price to pay for coolness at the expense of quality sound.

Bluetooth is finally making inroads with solid wireless sound via headsets like one I've discovered recently, Sol Republic Tracks Air. Think Beats on steroids without the worry of snagging the turnstile or having numb inner ears from the pieces of uncushioned plastic you've jammed inside them. With Tracks Ai you've got old-school comfort with acoustically insulated padded cups powered by 15 rechargeable hours up to 150 feet away from your device. If you're traveling on a train, tour bus, or vegging just in bed, this headset is your key to the ultimate sonic sweet-spot immersion. But be sure to leave behind when planning jarring activities like jogging or horseback riding.

You can put the Sol Republic Tracks Air headset to the test for yourself with its no-questions-asked 100-day money-back guarantee!

Photo: Sol Republic Tracks Air. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored field test.
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