Rural Vietnam in harvesting season

Rural Vietnam in harvesting season


9009352665?profile=originalVietnam has been one of the world biggest rice growing country. Due to the different climate between the North and South, the number of rice harvests in the year also differs: three times for the South and two for the North.  If your travel to Vietnam falls in the harvesting season either in Mekong Delta or the Red River Delta, it will be amazing countryside experience for your Vietnam trip to observe the Vietnamese farmers harvest their paddies rice crop. 



In the in the North’s countryside, the rural villages of Red River Delta, when the farmers see that their rice paddies change the color from green yellow to dark yellow they will start to harvest the rice crop. The harvesting season is very hectic as the farmers have to race against the coming raining season. The rice is manually cut using sickles then being transported to the villages. The farmers often use bamboo baskets hung on a bamboo pole put on their shoulder to carry rice which is loaded in those two baskets, some others would use their bicycle or buffalo cart to transport rice home. The remainder of the rice stalks will dry naturally and being burnt for fertilizer for the next crop. After plucking the seeds from the rice ears the farmers will have to dry the rice seeds under strong sun for a few days until completely dried, during drying process they have to rake the rice to roast them all regularly. For rice plucking and rice drying tasks, they often utilize the village alleyways to dry the rice stems and the large front yard of the village hall.



Taking day trips from Hanoi or embarking on a Mekong tour, see the farmers harvesting the rice to earn an in – depth glimpse of Vietnam enriching your Vietnam holiday.