How to Spend 5 Fab Days in Puerto Rico, Full Travel Guide

If you're planning to visit Puerto Rico for the first time, you'll likely be looking to explore a number of things. Here's how you can experience the Boricua lifestyle and to fill your trip with excitement and adventure.

Your first visit to Puerto Rico should be all about discovering fresh sights, distinct tastes, exciting adventures, and the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico. From urban lifestyle to mountain retreats, the beach and walks in the rainforest. Get ready to be captivated by the tropical paradise for the next seven days. Discover what the soul and heart of the Caribbean offers. Explore puerto rico at cheapest price by booking Flights From New York To San Juan, Puerto Rico, book and save more. Use these suggestions to start your adventures on the island.

First Day: Metro Region

When you reach San Juan, get an authentic taste of the Caribbean by a quick trip into the Pinones neighbourhood. It is located in the nearby city of Loiza. This charming strip of beachfront eateries and kiosks is 15 minutes drive from the city (and just five minutes away from the airport).

It is possible to enjoy your lunch in one of the numerous restaurants. Such as Hook'd, Donde Olga, or El Nuevo Acuario and indulge in fresh local seafood platters. Fresh-fried red snapper with a whole, shrimp-stuffed mofongo as well as Mahi Mahi with garlic. Also, the piononos. Make sure you drink them down with a cold beer or a fresh fruit frappe.

Dress in your swimsuit If you haven't taken a stroll for La Posita. A quiet beach, framed by a rocky structure that creates a massive small tide pool. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the water, lying on the sand and eating fritters and enjoying the sea breeze before heading to your lodging.

Second Day: Culture

The first day of your trip was comfortable, so now is the time to get into Puerto Rican culture fully and enjoy a full day of learning and fun at Old San Juan. This "walled city" is a must-see for any first-time visitor (and the majority of returning visitors too).

Explore the 500-year-old Spanish forts such as that of Castillo San Felipe del Morro Visit museums. A rich history, such as the Casa Blanca Museum, a mansion that was built in the 1500s to honour Juan Ponce de Leon. Make sure to stop at the landmarks such as The Gate of San Juan and La Rogativa for the perfect photo opportunity.

Discover more about the Island's past and the conquistadors at important spots such as El Cuartel de Ballaja. It is home to the Museo de Las Americas and the gourmet specialty café Don Ruiz. It is also possible to book guided tours or go by yourself. Take the time to explore the smaller shops and galleries within the town. Watch the people on some of the squares and cool down with a frozen snow cone. Purchased from a piragua-cart or popsicle by Senor Paleta.

Third Day: The West Coast

Are you up to go on a road trip? After a tiring time spent in San Juan and a night of drinking, a trip out is long overdue. Enjoy brunch in the hotel, or go to an artisan bakery nearby (Sobao from Los Cidrines in Condado or Las Canarias in Isla Verde are sure to please) Get your things organised and set your GPS for Rincon... Rincon is the westernmost point on the island.

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Rio Camuy Cave Park

A trip on the road toward the west must be accompanied by the stop at Rio Camuy Cave Park, a famous cave system that offers stunning views of the island's landscape. This is a popular spot where you can go on the guided hike, where you'll be taught about the Tainos as well as the native island's species of flora and fauna.

Fourth  Day: Embrace the Laid Back Vibes

You're located in Rincon which is the surfing as well as sunset capital city of Puerto Rico, so it is only natural to take an afternoon of relaxation after a long day of sightseeing and driving. Begin your day with Barefoot Yoga located in an open-air studio that offers an easy yoga class, with natural beauty. There is no need to reserve a spot, but it's highly suggested if you'd like to take an individual class that is tailored to specific requirements.

To have breakfast, head towards the top of the hill toward The English Rose. This is definitely the most sought-after breakfast establishment in Rincon and it is recommended to reserve a table prior to getting there. The menu is local-inspired along with English and American menus.

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Fifth Day: Ponce

The west and north coasts and now it's time to visit the south coast. Start driving again and put your GPS on Ponce which is where you'll be able to explore a few famous landmarks on the way, such as that of the Porta Coeli Church in San German which is the second-oldest Church located in Puerto Rico and one of the largest religious art galleries on the island.

Once in Ponce, take a guided tour of the town square. In the vicinity, you will find numerous sculptures of lions, and the Fuente de los Leones. The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Mayor's residence. If you're in the area, make sure to sample the famous Helados (ice cream) at King's Cream.

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