The name Pin Parvati Pass is inferred after the connecting of Parvati valley in Kullu to the Pin valley in Spiti. The best season for the pin valley journey is the period of July to September. The journey begins from the lovely Kullu valley which is known for its lavish green scenes, friendly individuals, welcoming glades, apple plantations and rich culture. From here, a requesting 5 days walk takes you actually large and in charge where you stroll on colossal snow fields to arrive at the Pin Parvati pass (5300 m). You will likely go through pretty much an hour here, however in this brief timeframe, you will have the option to the catch the sights which will keep going for a lifetime. So keep your cameras prepared.



There are perspectives on high mountain ranges, ice sheets, ice dividers and basic valleys all conjuring a staggering picture. From here we plummet into the magnificent Spiti valley again through snow fields and rock ridden landscape. This trip offers a splendid perspective on the western Himalayan district at Himachal Pradesh. Strolling along the mountains, downhill intersection, snowfield territories, irregular common rough extensions, this is an excursion for the brave and nature lovers. Occasionally you may be welcomed with some natural life too. This journey can be trying in stages and thusly prescribed distinctly to individuals who have past traveling experience. You will be needed to cross a respectably troublesome pass, do a couple of waterway intersections and walk extended lengths on specific days. Much the same as its kin, the Bhabha Pass, it offers unrivaled assortment and energy. The scene you start from and the one you finish in share nothing for all intents and purpose other than the way that both are hypnotizing. The concise agenda and definite schedule is beneath.


Brief Itinerary:


Day 1:- Gather at Kullu and drive to Barsheni Village to travel towards Khirganga and camp.


Day 2:- Khirganga to Tunda Bhuj (10,500ft, 5 hrs)


Day 3:- Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11,000ft, 5 hrs)


Day 4:- Thakur Kuan to Ody Thach.


Day 5:- Ody Thach to Mantalai (13400 Ft. 5 hrs).


Day 6:- Mantalai Lake to Base Camp (14850ft, 6-7 hours).


Day 7:- Parvati side Base camp to Pin side Base camp over Pin Parvati pass 17,500ft (8 hours).


Day 8:- Pin valley side camp to Wichkurung Thatch.


Day 9:- Wichkurung Thatch to Mud to Kaza.


Day 10:- Drive from Kaza to Manali (9hrs)


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