We are pleased to announce a new listing on our 'Tours' page! Introducing three sustainability and responsible tourism educational tours from the Gambia, West Africa. They are the following:Gambia ethical lodge holiday:Our first addition is on a four day sustainable tour in which the tourist will spend a day with Gunjur Environment Protection and Development Group (visiting Bolongfenyo community wildlife reserve, eating a local lunch and experiencing a cultural performance, as well as discovering the community owned Beekeeping Centre). There will also be possibilities to visit the Gambian Reptile educational centre, to explore Gunjur Village and to learn from the management at Footsteps eco-lodge about their sustainable structure model.The tourist will benefit the local community by visiting local projects that create local economic growth; sharing culture and tradition and supporting sustainable solutions to poverty reduction and conserving the environment. In addition they will be staying at an eco-lodge which uses solar power and has a natural filtered pool, grey water filtration system and composting toilets to mention but a few of their initiatives.Gambia sustainability educational tour:Secondly, we have added an 8 day sustainability educational holiday in which the tourist will participate in a workshop in Responsible Tourism at the Institute of Travel and tourism, pay a visit to Maalis Music School and discover traditional storytelling through the means of the Kora (traditional instrument), learn about sustainable development at Sandele and Kartong, meet local suppliers and visit a community based ecotourism camp and discover local dance and taste traditional food.Gambia green educational tour:Last but not least, a 2 day educational tour on which the participant will experience a day with the National Environment Agency and meet with different experts, visit to a women’s garden and debate on issues regarding sand mining and industrial activities. They will also visit ASSET (Association for Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism) members including SIFO – a bee-keeping and traditional home, GiG – Gambia is Good project (including lunch) and a Paper Recycling Skills Project.The tourist will benefit the local community in their destination by visiting their projects owned and operated by the local people. The visit contributes to creating local economic growth; sharing culture and tradition, supporting sustainable solutions to poverty reduction and conserving the environment. ASSET (Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism in The Gambia) has been successful in promoting small scale enterprises and promoting responsible tourism initiatives. ASSET aims to "bring together, advocate for, and promote a large number of small scale enterprises that are active in the tourism industry in The Gambia."If you are interested in any of the trips listed above, or would like to enquire about West Africa, Responsible Tourism or any other matter that you feel we can answer for you, please do not hesitate to contact us (info@westafricadiscovery.co.uk).We are actively looking for new, exciting and awe-inspiring West Africa based tours and accommodation that strive towards the fulfilment of the criteria outlined in the Cape Town, Kerala and Belize declarations on responsible tourism in destinations, and will keep you posted on any new listed projects as soon as they appear on the website.Until then, please visit www.westafricadiscovery.com or follow us on twitter and facebook.