With extensive development and industrialization of nations across the world, the idea of coming across a Natural Paradise can seem like a yearning for the past - but some destinations, such as the Monteverde Costa Rica, have managed to hold on to their natural beauty, making them a favored choice for travelers seeking a real natural holiday experience.

Monteverde Cloud Forest has long been a destination chosen by the thousands, the initiatives by the government to boost tourism; it is now attracting a wider range of travelers than ever before. While there may be many reasons for choosing the Costa Rica - from sampling its spa resorts to getting involved in local sustainability measures to combat the threat posed by global warming - one thing tends to unite all visitors: the chance to explore the unspool natural landscape and its national parks.

It's no wonder the Monteverde is such a popular destination among couples, families, friends, adventurers and researchers seeking a dreamy escape for their holidays and other romantic breaks, particularly as many resorts offer the sort of seclusion that would not be possible in more densely populated countries. It isn't just travelers who can appreciate the natural beauty of the cloud forest, which still manage to entrance even the most experienced world travelers, who keep coming back to seek out new experiences opening all the time in Monteverde and other regions.

Monteverde has much to offer beyond mere escapism, as visitors will find when arriving to Monteverde a very rural and friendly atmosphere. Home to many natural museums,adventure tours, great home-made food and other attractions extolling the country's history, Monteverde combines the best features of an international
destination with the charming and otherworldly atmosphere of a natural eco-friendly haven.

Places to stay

Monteverde Rustic Lodge is a family-owned small accommodation located in Santa Elena Monteverde. Rustic Lodge offers a stylish décor rooms with precious woods, a very rustic ambiance but the best of this lovely place is the service you receive from Jose and Marcelo, the owners, who go beyond to make you feel as an old friend. All we can say about Rustic Lodge is well described in TripAvisor.com by other travelers that really experienced an extraordinary service. Average price is about $62 in double rooms – year around. A fresh coffee while you are checking your emails is possible at Rustic.

Hotel El Viandante, with only 10 rooms, El Viandante is located in the main road to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Renzo Sturmo is the Owner-Manager offering a great hospitality. He is also a biking lover and can organize your biking tour in the area. El Viandante offers Single, Double, Triples and Quadruple rooms with breakfast included. Range price between $38 to $68.

Hotel Mar Inn Bed & Breakfast. This small-family hotel is based up in Santa Elena with a nice and comfortable rooms and a great coffee. Giovani (the owner) will be your perfect host to know the attractions of Monteverde. Mar Inn Bed & Breakfast offers only 7 rooms dedicated mostly to make unforgettable local family experience. Average price is $50.00 per 2 people.

Historias Lodge. Located on the main route to Monteverde Cloud Forest is one of a kind: 18 stylish rooms decorated with rustic woods. It is a small place but full of peace and friendly atmosphere. Historias Lodge offers a coffee place, free internet hall, parking lot and CableTV in every room. Averge price per night $62.00 in double rooms, including breakfast and taxes.

How to get to Monteverde

By Bus
The public buses in Costa Rica are actually efficient, safe, and incredibly inexpensive. A one way ticket to Monteverde from San Jose costs about $7.50. You can even bring you surfboard on the bus for an extra $2.00. The seats recline and are actually pretty comfortable. However, sometimes the buses can be crowded. You cannot buy tickets for the bus in advance; you have to physically buy them at the bus station. Buses leave for Monteverde twice daily; one at 6:30 am, and the other at 2:30 pm. The trip takes about four and a half hours, and the bus does stop for about 15 minutes at a restaurant in the city Sarmientos, which is a little over halfway to Monteverde. Bus Schedule: San Jose-Monteverde-San Jose departure at 06:30 am and 14:30pm Ticket prices: $4.00 per person.

Shared Vans
ShuttlesIf you do not want to have to drive yourself, but do not want to get on a crowded bus, a semi-private shuttle is a good idea. There is one company that provides shuttle service to Monteverde; Monteverde Shuttle Bus. The shuttle is incredibly convenient; it will pick you up and drop you off anywhere, eliminating any need for taxi service. The price ranges from $29 - $45. The fare for children is usually 50% off of the adult price. The shuttles leave from San Jose every day at 8:00 am and 2:00 pm.

By Car Rental
Your other option is to drive. First of all, make sure you rent a four wheel drive vehicle.Most of the roads to Monteverde are dirt, and there are many potholes along the way. If it is the rainy season, the drive to Monteverde can be especially tedious, and you will not be able to get to the cloud reserve at all unless you are driving a 4×4 vehicle. From San Jose, you take Highway 1 north and then take the Sardinal exit. Part of the route going past Sardinal and up the mountain is paved, making driving conditions easier. You will passing through Guacimal, and then you will reach Santa Elena. This trip will take about four and a half hours, and you will drive 105 miles.

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