A Cruise Port of Call in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Our visit to Dubrovnik seemed to be generating lots of hype onboard the ship. As this was our first Mediterranean cruise we were swept up in the added anticipation. Let me tell you, we weren’t disappointed.


There were many ex-pats on board the ship with us who were looking forward to the visit. Also, many with ancestors from the area. Perhaps as a result of the former Yugoslavia’s troubled past, many were returning to their homeland for the first time. You could visibly see the added excitement in their eyes as the ship docked in the port.


Regardless of the reason for visiting Dubrovnik, we all agreed on two things. Dubrovnik far exceeded our expectations and we all vowed to return one day.


A Mediterranean Oasis for All Ages


Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities on earth. This beauty is characteristic of the whole of the Dalmatian coast. It appeals to young as well as old, and I will never tire of looking at it. We paused at a restaurant for a bite to eat and watched the children run in the plaza, chasing pigeons and tasting the delicious gelatos. Parents can enjoy a coffee or something stronger in one of the many street cafes that line it’s stunning promenades. Grandparents can sit in the shade and read a newspaper or play dominoes. A perfect holiday destination for all ages and it allowed me to engage in one of my favourite hobbies of people watching.


And for young couples it is one of the most romantic cities in the world. People travel from all over the globe to propose or get married on the old town walls. The walls themselves are wide enough to walk two-abreast and we saw several weddings taking place during our brief stay there. As this mediterranean cruise was our honeymoon we were a little jealous that we hadn’t chosen Dubrovnik as our place of marriage. Oh well. Maybe next time ;0)


The walls themselves overlook the city and despite the steep walk up, the view from the top makes the effort worthwhile. The walls are the first thing that you actually see as the bus transfer from the ship descends from the mountains. We all gasped upon first sight of the walls. And that was only from the outside. Many visitors opt to just take the shuttle bus from the port to the drop off point by the front of the city gate. It’s an option we went for as we were travelling on a budget. But we later learnt the shuttle is the better option to choose as it travels along the coast and the views from the bus are far superior than other private coach transfers.


Whether you are viewing the walls from the outside, walking the walls themselves, gazing upon the red tiled rooftops, strolling the narrow cobbled streets, pausing in its museums and churches, admiring it’s palaces, shopping its outdoor market, sipping the best ever coffee in a street side cafe, eating fresh fish in a restaurant or taking a boat ride to a nearby island, Dubrovnik has something for everyone and we all left the city with a heavy heart and promising to return one day. And with that, I returned to my cabin to book my next Mediterranean cruise.

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