Marmaris Castle

Marmaris Castle is one of these important places to visit in Marmaris because it takes people back into the golden pages of history. It is estimated that the castle is in Marmaris dates back to 3000 B.C. but was rebuilt by Ottoman Sultan Suleyman in 1522 for his conquest to Rhodes which he won comprehensively and since then, it is a historical place for the tourists to visit. It is the only historical place to visit in a modern holiday town of Marmaris. There is a small museum included as well in the castle so that people may able to enjoy their visit to this small  castle while seeing the ancient artifacts.


Renovation of Marmaris Castle

It is good from the point of view of tourists that Culture and Tourism Ministry has done serious efforts to keep the castle in its actual shape. These efforts have definitely attracted a high number of visitors to this small castle in Marmaris. Ministry of Culture and Tourism closed the castle for one year because of the reconstruction purpose so that the castle may be restored into its actual form. The money spent fort the recontsruction was 657.000 Turkish Liras .

At the reopening of Castle, an official of Culture and Tourism Ministry Adurrahman Ana said that cultural artifacts must have to be displayed at the places from where they belong to,  so Turkish officials are trying save those because lots of artifacts have been smuggled abroad from Turkey. He further said that the officials have chosen museums for this purpose and the inclusion of museum in Marmaris Castle is one of the examples of sincere efforts of them.


Marmaris Castle Today

There are few castles in Turkey like Marmaris Castle those possess a museum and it is estimation that it has a history of over 5000 years. The Castle lost an important part of it during the World War One due to the attacks of French Forces, so a monumental structure was registered for the restoration of the castle in 1983 and in 1991 the castle was opened after restoration as museum.

PS: Entrance fee to Marmaris Castel is 5 tl for the year 2015.

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