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It was a warm, balmy early summer evening as I was sitting outside among the flowers and palms near the pool. What could be better? Toss in some Wine Council friends, some very special wines served with delectable food pairings along with a couple of creamy cheeses, and you have the recipe for a magical evening.


The first wine our group sampled was a dry white from Spain called Cal y Canto Dry White 2012 ($18). This wine is a great summertime wine that engaged us with its crispness along with g

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A unique wine tasting phenomenon is going on in the Temecula Valley Wine Country, located about an hour north of San Diego.  While it’s not surprising that the wine aficionados here get together and drink good wine, eat good food, and discuss what they’re eating and drinking, it is interesting that there are several organized groups that meet not just for socialization but for the specific purpose of tasting and reviewing wines from all over the country and the world.  These groups are organized

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When wine connoisseurs Linda Kissam and Tom Plant invited me to a wine tasting and food pairing, I was thrilled to attend and the experience exceeded my already high expectations.  Linda and Tom had some special wines for us to taste and we were all encouraged to bring dishes that would go with our assigned wines.  Our group is called the Occasional Wine Council and meets “on occasion” to taste and critique wines along with food prepared by the participants to match specific wines.


Our goal is t

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My Favorite Tastings at Sun Wine Fest 2011

9008591462?profile=originalThis past weekend’s Sun Wine Fest at Connecticut's Mohegan Sun Casino was a bonanza of top chefs demonstrating their skills on stage to packed audiences, a surprising variety of beer & liquor tastings, and of course a vast treasure trove of wine sampling. My strategy for this 2-day event was to spend Saturday roaming at will without an itinerary. I wanted to give myself the “kid-in-the-candy shop” experience first and then get more focused on specific brands on Sunday. This turned out to be smar
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