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How Technology Can Help Your Travels


This is a brave new world, the one we're living in. The digital age has arrived, and it is here to stay. New technology is present in almost every aspect of our lives, and it can prove a great help even during your travels. Here are some ways in which you can use technology to make your life a little easier when you're travelling.

1. Scan your documents - You should always have copies of your documents made when you travel. After all, what will you do if the unthinkable happens and your original

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Hot New Travel Gadgets

The CES - Consumer Electronic Show - was held about two weeks ago in Las Vegas, Nevada and our friends from BudgetTravel visited with the only intention to find the coolest and newest travel gadgets. They came up with a list of ten very useful pieces of electronic devices created with the traveler in mind. From foldable tablets to jawbones and backpackes, these are some of the items they found, and of course we have our own gadget to add. ;)

The Sony P

This new foldable tablet will be ready to com

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Picking the Best Travel Gadgets 2011

Writing the blog for one of the biggest online adventure travel companies is a great job. But when it comes to deciding the Top Travel Gadgets of 2011 and narrowing the contenders down to just ten, it wasn't easy!


As backpackers, travellers, and wanderers, we look for qualities not found in regular products. Durability, survivability, reliability and adaptability are just a few of the 'abilities' I considered.

In the end, I managed to mix some obvious big hitters with more obscure innovators in a

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