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7 of the Top Destination Brands of 2023

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Over the past decades, destinations in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean have been the stars in both destination branding and popularity among travelers. And while all the above certainly remain among the world´s most powerful performers in tourism, the World Travel Awards (dubbed “the Oscars of travel”) in 2023 have underscored strong showings outside these traditional areas, particularly in Asia and the Middle East. Here´s a quick rundown of this year´s winners:

At the

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Costa Rica is known for its rainforests, beaches, nature and biodiversity. True, indeed.

But do you know that Costa Rica is the most innovative country in Latin America? Or that the Central American nation has celebrated well over a half-century of peace with no military forces? Or that it is home to a highly-educated society with thriving export and technology industries, and fast-growing foreign investment?

9008791498?profile=originalCosta Rica’s newly launched country brand, “Essential Costa Rica” (Esencial Costa Rica),

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The good news is that it feels good to be in Thailand, a place I once lived for some ten years or so, depending on how you count it. The incorrigible wackiness and petty racial nuisance of being a “farang” in a foreign land where such things matter is easily overcome by the gentleness of the culture and handsomeness of its people… where such things matter. What I don’t like is the rainy season, and it’s not getting any better. A couple nights ago I had to drive through a flood with water almost

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In most of the world, April marks the beginning of spring, a renewal and of fresh hope. It also marks the gateway to the busy tourism season and a time for tourism professionals to step back and contemplate their industry.  Tourism has become an ever more complicated industry.  Tourism professionals need to worry about everything from war to economic stagnation, from health threats to food poisoning, from high prices to less than acceptable customer service. 

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