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On Sunday, May 22, 2022, TOKYO SKYTREE and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN will celebrate their 10th anniversary. In conjunction with this memorable day, special events will be held at TOKYO SKYTREE, the world's tallest freestanding broadcast tower, and TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN from April to June. Let's look back on the 10-year history of TOKYO SKYTREE, as this new symbol of Tokyo and Japan continues to work with the local community to send messages of hope and good fortune to the world.


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10202769468?profile=RESIZE_710xFrom late March to early April, Tokyo's Sumida Park, with around 500 sakura trees, erupts in cherry blossoms. Sumida Park has been selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan by the Nihon Sakura Association. The park is located near TOKYO SKYTREE®, which at 634 meters high, is the tallest freestanding tower in the world. It is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this May!

From Sumida Park, sakura enthusiasts can snap photos with SKYTREE in the frame.10202836085?profile=RESIZE_710x
Sumida Park is divi

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The year 2022 is also the 10th anniversary of the opening of TOKYO SKYTREE TOWN. centering on the tallest free-standing broadcast tower in the world, whiich will be aglow with a special "Happy New Year!" greeting, along with an image of the Japanese flag.




Light-up and projection map schedule is January 1 from midnight to 6 am and January 1-3 from 5:45 pm to midnight.





In addition, commemorative anniversary events include:

Shishimai, a propitious lion dance, welcoming spectators pra

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