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Souvenir Shopping in Latin America


A few months back, I wrote about souvenir shopping in Europe. Now that the ol’ credit card has cooled off just a bit, I’m ready to tackle the Americas. Again, I’m aiming away from average tourist junk and more toward high-quality items that are both characteristic of the destination and not easily available outside it.


Yes, caipirinhas, caipiroskas, and the like are still the rage. But very few and limited types of their main ingredient, the Brazilian sugarcane firewater cachaça, are e

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Souvenir Shopping in Europe/Morocco

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Whether or not you’re a shopper (and I can’t say that I particularly am), I do love me some good travel mementos. However, I’m not talking about the rubbish you see at the average stand aimed at tourists who barely know where they are (I’ll never forget the joints hawking spangly Mexican sombreros at the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, there are certain items that will always be worth seeking out. Paintings and other kinds of art are a prime example – wh

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