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Driving Tips in Tuscany

Normally I enjoy the lighter side of life, but this post is all business.
I'm serious. If you rent a car in the Tuscany region here are some 
super important tips and tricks you'll need to know.
1. Don't drive into most major cities. Lucca, Florence, and Siena are all
walking towns. Park on the outskirts of town and walk/taxi it in. You DO NOT
want to even attempt to finagle the narrow streets. Some spots won't even let you
drive in or you're arrested (so there's that too).
2. The Auto Strada is your m
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Driving in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a relatively small country and can be easily crossed from North to South in a day. Roads are mostly one lane, with the exceptions of some parts in the highways, so take your time and be safe. Driving 20km/h (13m/h) over the speed limit or under the influences of alcohol are fined with jail and for your own safety don’t drink and drive nor exceed the speed limits.

There is one main road to the Pacific coast called “Autopista del Sol” and one main road to the Caribbean called Highway

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