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Travel During the Coronavirus/COVID-19 Pandemic


Middle seats in the planes of some airlines are vacant.  Passengers and crew members aboard cruise ships are socially distancing when possible and wearing masks.  Some countries remain closed to non-residents, while others won’t allow people from the United States to enter. 

Few aspects of life have been hit harder by the COVID-19 pandemic than travel, and there’s no end in sight. Or is there? 
The kinds of trips people take in the months ahead will be different than in the past.  A number of t

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Dealing with Tourism Crises

The tourism industry is highly vulnerable to crises be these man made or nature made, be these crises of a political, health or natural variety.  Almost since the start of modern tourism, tourism professionals have had to take into account that the media devotes a great deal of time and space to disasters, especially if these disasters result in the loss of life, cause suffering, and produce some form of economic damage.  During the period of time when the media focus in on the crisis, media cov

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