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Pune is one of the most beautiful city of Maharashtra which is covered by lush green hills, waterfalls, and ghats with pleasant climate. Sahayadri mountain range with lakes, forts and lush green forest is a paradise for people who love trekking. Monsoon is an ideal time to go for a trek and walk in the midst of nature. Once you decided to take car on rent in Pune you can then relax or stop a cab according to your convenience.


Trekking Attraction near Pune

Monsoon is when you come out of your comfo

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hotels and service apartment in pune

best hotels and service apartment in pune at lowest price.hotelmagnus star residency offfers luxury rooms for bussines and family stay.Hotels are great for short visits, were things such as cooking your meals are not relevant. When a descent bed and on-demand service is what you need. Serviced apartments give you the opportunity to settle in, even if you are only in town for a week. By giving you the freedom of your own house/apartment and adding the service of a hotel to it.

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"Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints." You might have seen this sign at tourist destinations but the question is, do you really implement it? Many people ignore this sign, walking away leaving behind a trail of litter at the time of departure. Very disturbing, when carelessness like this destroys the very ecosystem they have come to enjoy, and creates health issues thanks to decomposition of waste left behind. Minimizing such waste is not difficult or onerous, and here ar

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The vivid green city of Pune in the western state of Maharashtra is home to a wide variety of scenic lakes and dams that surround the metropolis in almost all its borders. These lakes add the very touch of green spaces, medium-height hillocks, serene waterfronts, and rejuvenation spots right at a ride or a drive of just a few hours.

The beauty of these lakes and dams pop up in complete glory during the rainy season. These lakes and dams offer ideal spots to escape the chaos of the urban concrete

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