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Naked We Go!

What Do You Really Do On a Nude Vacation?

Apparently the same things you’d do if you were on a fully-clothed holiday, except, we assume, horseback ride.

But, you ask, how likely is anyone to go to a nude beach or clothes optional one, and strip?

For a country settled by humorless and uptight Puritans, a surprising 49% of Americans said they would do it.
Another 19%  were undecided, and 32%  gave an unqualified "no" to  the idea of beaching "au natural."
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Nude Beach

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Quiet pool















This is definitely a not a swingers resort. It’s an adult / topless resort with most women opting for the top on. This type of resort is not unusual for Mexico and quite calm for a resort labeled as an "adult experience". The staff was kind and always willing to help.


The resort for a 3 start is STUNNING at first sight. It sits right on the beach with 4 poster sun loungers big papason chairs to sit back, relax and watch the world pass by.



The sexy pool bar had the best mar

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