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11 of the Best Experiences in Haiti

12390393872?profile=RESIZE_930xSPC Gibran Torres

Haiti, really? You´re no doubt wondering. Well, yes, the Americas´ most impoverished country has been an abject basket case for many years, and its current tragic vicissitudes with violence and instability approaching near collapse make it seem unlikely to recover any time soon. But here´s a reminder of what a fundamentally beautiful country this is, how rich is its history, how vibrant its culture, and how friendly its people – as I can attest when I visited way back in 26 y

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Jacmel, Haiti: Queen of the Caribbean

Founded in 1698, Jacmel is a beautiful, picturesque town in Haiti, located in the southeast part of the country only two hours driving and 15 minutes by plane from the capital, Port-au-Prince. The road to Jacmel are among the best in the country, and driving there can be an experience on its own, as you get the chance to truly enjoy the breathtaking views of the many lush, majestic mountains, up and down valleys, as far as the eyes can see. Jacmel is also world famous for its art, its annual

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