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Puglia, Italy's southern most province, is rich in ancient heritage and bathed in warm Mediterranean sunshine. In the "heel of the boot", just south of Brindisi and an overnight ferry away from Greece, warm aquamarine waters grace dinner tables with just caught seafood. Olive trees outnumber people and country estates are the preferred lodging option. It is here that the Salento way of life springs forth. “Slow food and sustainable lifestyle choices really have their roots in our Sunday passegg

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Peru, a few years ago, was the only country in the world where the prestigious Coca-Cola drink wasn´t ranked first in the market because a national drink so was deeply rooted in the Peruvian palate.

Inca Kola, the classic yellow drink that accompanied all Peruvian dishes at the tables, was the favorite. That was the reason why Coca-Cola and Lindley Corporation (producer of the local drink) signed a strategic alliance: Lindley would be the official bottler company and Coca-Cola would be the own

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