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As Daniel and Martha Everett and their two children enjoyed a trip to Florida's Walt Disney World, their focus was on entertainment and excitement rather than the environment. And when Barbara and Andy Allen checked into a Boston hotel, they wanted to fit as many sights as possible into their two-day visit. They gave little thought to how their stay might impact the ecosystem.

Look Who’s Acting to Preserve and Protect the Environment

Despite their lack of awareness, these folks were comb

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Green Travel Tips

fingerlakes+wineries+(2).jpg?width=300by Cliff Barre

Many people are switching to a green way of living.  This allows more sustainability within the environment as well as the opportunity to save yourself some money on energy and other costs. While you may not think of yourself as the most green or eco-friendly person on the planet, there are small steps that you can take to achieve a more green way of living.  These steps can be incorporated into almost every aspect of life from daily life to commuting and even travel.  Travel is

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Earth Day: 10 Habits to Greener Travel

Happy Earth Day! While it goes without saying that we should engage in environmentally sound practices every single day of the year, April 22nd is a good day to pause and evaluate our habits, and consider how our daily activities - and our vacations - affect the planet. photo
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When it comes to travel, there's sometime a tendency to step away from our normal practices: to use more disposable items, to forget about recycling, to leave a bit larger footprint behind. And yet while we're tr
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Looking for that picture-perfect “tropical paradise” tour in
Costa Rica? You can’t miss a one-day tour to
Tortuga Island
in the
Nicoya Gulf.

White sand beaches of Tortuga Island

Famous for its sugary white sand beaches lined with tall swaying coconut palms, Tortuga Island has crystal clear turquoise waters with no ocean currents which make this an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. This little heaven-sent jewel will be that tropical paradise you’ll daydream about forever!

You can get to Tortuga Island i

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