earthquake (4)

by Tripatini staff


9008597894?profile=originalAs always, our thoughts, condolences, and fervent prayers are with Japan and the Japanese people as they try to recover from this catastrophe and deal with the still unrpedictable extent of fallout from damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant. In the meantime, please do your part by donating any amount you can to one or more of the following relief organizations (FYI, PayPal will be donating its transaction fees to registered U.S. and Canadian charities to Japan relief e

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ImageSo in honor of the earthquake we just had here in New England, the Walnuts here would like to discuss some quick tips when your find yourself in the middle of one.  First (as i did) yell at your mother who is completely oblivious to the house shakin’. After you’re done alerting others in your vicinity, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. if in your house, go under a doorway or table and protect your head/neck so nothing falls to damage that pretty face of yours.
  2. if outdoors, stay away from buildings/
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My Observations of the Japan Quake

I just wanted to post some things I saw during the quake. I was near Asakusa station in Tokyo waiting for my son. We were going to visit Nikko for the weekend. I was in a building on the first floor. After I felt the quake , I exited the building and waited in the middle of the street with others. Being from California, we are told to stay put or get under a desk or doorway during a quake. In Japan, it seems like everybody wants to be outside during a quake. Right or wrong, thats what I did. The

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