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Pakistan is one of the ultimate travel destinations in the world. However, it isn’t particularly an easy destination to travel in. Going on a trip to Pakistan needs a little bit of preparation and as well as you should know about the popular cities in Pakistan beforehand.

So, now we have compiled a list of popular destinations in Pakistan. Please have a look and plan an itinerary and pack your bags.

Fly With Pakistan International Airlines:

Pakistan International Airlines, also known as PIA, is the

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Desert safari in Abu Dhabi is an activity you should never miss if you are vacationing in U.A.E. Though, you might be more interested in taking an Abu Dhabi city tour, it is highly recommended that you also head outside the city for a desert tour. Why? Because, this is one of the best ways to enjoy an adventure that gives you a peek into the bedouin lifestyle. Also, you get close to nature, and experience an adventure you can’t get anywhere.

What to Expect

The desert safari starts with a bang. You

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