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Peruvian Mountains offers the best trekking in the cordillera huayhuash Peru. huayhuash is one of the most beautiful trekking in Peru unique and remote treks in the Peruvian Andes.

The full trek take 12 days with amazing mountain views high passes over 4800n, tiny villages, ceistal water lakes this trek is organized for everyone who loves the nature mountains  for malies trekking womens travel huayhuash, female group in the cordillera huayhuash.

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fiesta-brava-300x225.jpg?width=276Guanacaste’s celebrations are coming up, exciting dates for this side of the country; full of traditional activities, typical music and folklore dancing.

Up coming for the week of January 15th we have lots of festivities in Santa Cruz, typical Costa Rican rural town, where people gather to celebrate with typical music, folkloric dancing and bullfighting to honor the Black Christ of Esquipulas. Since 1926 it’s celebrated in commemoration of their catholic religion when Christ suffered before being

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