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Hot August Nights - Varoooom!


Pull on your bobby sox, step into your saddle shoes, roll up those jeans and dig out those poodle skirts! It's time for Hot August Nights in Reno, Nevada.
Fuzzy+dice+on+rear+view+mirror.jpgEvery year, Reno hosts one of the biggest and best car shows in the country. A 10 day extravaganza of cars, cruising and rock and roll!  Stand on any street corner in Reno or Sparks during those 10 days in August and it seems that just about every third car on the road is a classic, as participants and car enthusiasts roll through town from al

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Mancation - A Man's Vacation in Maine

Landing in Portland, Maine, I quickly stopped wondering if this would be another shopping and stuff-your-face vacation. I was happy to note boats, sloughs, masts, traps, seafood signs, varnished wooden spars, and sea smells…back in my personal natural element on the Maine coast.

Fortunately, there are many things to interest my wife at the same time; great food, interesting local shops, and historic B&B offering outstanding gardens. We would soon board an historic 1871 schooner for a 3-day sail

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