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4 Excellent Excursions From Athens


by Cristóbal Ramírez

The Acropolis, the Plaka, and the rest of Greece‘s compelling capital are a treasure chest you could rummage through for days on end. But just as important to this ancient country and culture are sites out in the hinterland, where the air is purer and in many cases life is still simpler. Here are the top 4, all within 180 kilometres (112 miles) of Athens.


The closest-in at just 80 kilometres (48 miles), this ancient city on the Pelopponese peninusla is home to

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The Ancient Majesty of Mexico's Teotihuacán


I will never forget, nearly 40 years ago, laying eyes for the first time on my first ancient archaeological site. About an hour’s drive north of Mexico City, this UNESCO World Heritage complex of temples absolutely electrified my imagination and became a driving force in my fascination with not just archaeology but travel and world cultures in general. Teotihuacán has that kind of impact.

Even after decades of study, archaeologists still aren’t quite sure who (Toltecs?  Otomi? M

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by Inka Piegsa-Quischotte 

Israel’s neighbour Jordan is home to some the most fascinating excursions from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Top of the list for many, of course, is Petra, the jawdropping, 2nd-century city hewn out of living rock, and nearby Wadi Rum, a mix of dramatic natural scenery and more ancient historic sites.


But many visitors tend to overlook several sites in the kingdom which are just as important and nearly as dramatic as Petra, best done in a two- or three-day itine

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