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This month has not been easy for specialists in tourism security. We first witnessed the terrorist bombing of the Russian aircraft, causing not only death and destruction to innocent civilians but also a major blow to Egypt’s tourism industry. Then, on Friday the 13th, the first reports of the terrible attacks in Paris began to come through the newswires.

It is still too early to provide a full security picture of the events. The French police are correctly holding back information and being

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That's right! We've heard it all and we're all sick of the Nude-o-scope body scanners. However yesterday a passenger decided to reveal the FULL Monty for the TSA and surprisingly, since it wasn't a overly revealing computer image, the TSA didn't approve and instead the gentleman was arrested.

The TSA demands either a nude computer image to be taken of every traveler or if you opt out, you're subjected to the standard metal detector and a full body rub down which includes a nice caressing of the g

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A major showdown looms in Texas, where a law was approved banning invasive pat-downs at airport checkpoints. In response, the TSA has threatened to cancel all flights departing from any gateway in the state.

Earlier in May, the Texas House of Representatives unanimously voted to pass an "anti-groping" bill, which would categorize any TSA pat-down that "touches the anus, sexual organ, buttocks, or breast of another person including through the clothing, or touches the other person in a manner tha

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