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Haridwar is a popular pilgrim place for the Hindus. Apart from temples and Ghats, it does have forest cover, mountain valley, river, and wilderness to see. It is on the lower Himalayas, where you can take a temple tour, adventure tour and nature tour. It is a tourist-friendly place in Haridwar.

You must check your Nainital tour packages include the below-mentioned eight places to see.

1.Bhimgoda Barrage

This is a more than a century old Barrage, which is built across the River Ganges. You can see t

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Travel Guide of Haridwar

There are many holy places located in India. Among them, this is the sacred land where pilgrims come to find God. It is the ‘Gateway of God’, which will enchant you with its interesting mythology and legends. It stands one among the four places on earth where immortality elixir fell from the pitcher of Gods. If you still haven’t got the city mentioned here, then it is Haridwar-one of the most religious cities in India. This great place is where the holy River Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic plain

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