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Gir Safari Booking

More likely the human being has kept their habitat invaded with frequent visits for decades; an Asiatic lion has recently been found chilling and enjoying the drizzles on the roof of a house at Gir Safari Booking. Residents of a village close to the Gir National Park had witnessed a shocking encounter with a royal Asiatic lion. Scared by its presence, they immediately moved away towards a safe distance. An Indian Forest Service Official, Susanta Nanda uploaded a short video on

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What Should You Name Your Lion?

Do you think individual names are only for pet animals? My friend, you’re mistaken. You must make a Gir Forest online booking and Gir National Park to know the truth. Forest officials in Gir, including the beat guards and the trackers, follow a tradition for years, which is calling the royal beasts with fascinatingly apt names, based on their behavior in the natural habitat or their physical appearance. 

Gabbar Singh, an adult male lion, is named after this immensely popular villain of an epic Bo

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Most animals fear people regardless of how large or potentially dangerous they are. They want to be left in peace.

The future of lions holds in the balance. Once the most widespread mammal on earth after man, lions are now believed to number 25,000. The problem is that lions and humans want the same thing-real estate. A prime lion territory in Maasai Mara measures 50 to 100 square kilometers and offers ambush sites, access to water, shade of trees and bushes, and somewhere safe to raise young.


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