Lapland: In the Happiest Nation

According to the 2019 World Happiness Index Report Finland is declared as the happiest nation in the entire world. And in Finland, Lapland is one of the cleanest and also has loveliest landscapes including a thousand of forests and lakes.  You can get your reservations done by Delta Airlines for commuting. There are some totally ravishing reasons to visit Lapland, Finland.

  1. Northern Lights
    Aurora Borealis in a clear night sky can be an awe-inspiring experience. In northern Finland, there is a place named Lapland where Northern Lights appear about 200 nights a year which makes it very obvious. Auroras are seen mainly at the high altitudes which are produced when electrically charged particles in the solar wind meet oxygen and nitrogen atoms in the upper layer of the earth’s atmosphere. You may have experienced   a lot skies with stars flooded in it but this is a totally unique sky gazing experience where the sky has interesting patterns with a lot of colours.
  2. Santa Claus
    Santa is loved and famous all over the world nut in Finland you can actually meet him in person. Santa’s annual mission is to deliver happiness all around the world but he is eagerly waited on the eve of Christmas with his furry reindeers.  But in Finland you don’t have to wait for a particular day as he resides there. The red man was originally from Korvatunturi who now resides in Rovaniemi, Lapland where he greets his visitors all year round.
  3. Best skiing experience
    The skiing season in Lapland lasts almost for half a year which is from October to May. In fact, Ylläs’ 330km of tracks are more than any one place has to offer in Europe.
  4. The one and only midnight sun film festival
    When the sun stays up for over two consecutive months in the northernmost parts of the country it is time to be festive. Perhaps the most iconic of summer events is the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä, Lapland. 2015 marked the event’s 30th anniversary, inviting tens of thousands of international movie buffs to watch films under the never-setting sun.
  5. Husky Safari, Reindeer Safari And Ice fishing
    Husky safari can be a great fun where a group of 6 huskies give you a snow camp tour. A reindeer safari can give you a fairy tale experience.  Go jingle bells with the reindeer in the snow covered land. This arctic safari will remind you of every fairy tale you have ever heard. Ice fishing may seem easy task to do but in a freezing cold like Lapland you cannot last for a long time. It is a fun activity though but tough thing too. A total fun with a lot of layers on.


This is the fine beauty of Lapland. So, I think now whenever you will think of the phrase “winter is coming” you will think of Lapland in Finland. For the greatest airway experience to this remarkable place do not forget to book a flight on Delta.