Booking Train Travel in India

Finding trains is not that hard in India. Every day, millions of people travel through trains inside India. Train is the topmost used mode of transportation inside a state and also between states. This article will talk in detail about how to find your trains easily.


IRCTC is the government-run railway website which has the database of all functioning trains with option for booking tickets in the present and also in near future. The only problem with this site is the traffic level. Every day, millions of people use this website and it would be very slow. Moreover, the odds of tickets getting booked completely are very high. This is why people would recommend you to book tickets at least three months in prior to the departure date.

Travel Agent Site

With this facility, you need not worry about the name of the arrival or departure station and other problems. The travel site also provides alternative routes and other information that would help you to make an informed decision. This all depends on the type of travel site you choose. You should pick a reputed and reliable travel site to avoid any problems or confusions.

Direct Booking

This is the least easy way when it comes to booking tickets. The tickets are directly available at the counter in the railway station. You can reach the counter in person and book the ticket. It would be time consuming and complex. On the other hand, for three class train tickets, you can get your tickets after boarding the train. You can learn about the name of the train, timings and other information from the chart available at the counter.


These are the three options to find luxury trains in India. The most commonly sought one for vacation planning is the travel agent site. The information about the train, alternative route, time taken and other details would be provided in prior to booking and thus, it makes the process easier even for someone who has the least knowledge about Indian railways system. You can also book the Maharajas Express train or Palace on Wheels train because both are the luxury trains in India.

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