Travellers who are passionate about wandering new destinations often put a hold on their exploration owing to expenses. In order to fulfil all their travel wishes, and to save money for their next trips, they need to cut down flight expenses. If you’re someone who wants to save on travels, cutting down on flight booking cost is one of the way to reduce your expenses. Flight tickets costs vary depending on the day of the week, time of the week, and holidays. Follow these simple tricks to acquire cheap flights, any and every time you look and book your travel.


  • If your travel dates are not rigid, then plan to fly during the mid of the week.
  • Try to book red-eye flights or late night flights which are typically cheaper. Since very few people prefer to travel red eye flights.
  • Few websites offer a quick view of flight prices for the entire month, so that you can choose the cheapest day to travel.
  • Prefer to choose a budget airline. Since these airlines offer you low fares and you can avoid paying for extras like excess baggage allowance, special meals, legroom, etc. Select required services and pay only for it, along with your flight booking.
  • Prefer connecting routes. A number of budget airlines offercheap flight bookings to your destination. For example, instead of choosing direct flights to Houston, take cheap flights to Dubai, and further low-cost flight from Dubai to Houston. This may take more work than direct routes since you’ve to review many routes and airlines. This may increase your travel time, but certainly it reduces your flight costs.
  • Be flexible on destination. This choice works for the travelers who are flexible with any destination. Travelers open to any destination, can get a number of destinations with great deals.

Travelling is a perfect catalyst for happiness. Whether you’re travelling for a family vacation or business trip or just going solo for some soul searching, these hacks will surely help you to obtain cheap flight bookings.

Happy globetrotting, travellers!