When visiting any location we should all try and be the best tourist that we possible can be, looking after and respecting our beautiful nature spots.

If you are planning on booking a US car hire and visiting one of the country’s national parks it’s a good idea to do a little research before you travel. Most parks will have their own website that will tell you the park rules such as opening hours, speed limits and they will also list the areas where you can or can’t drive.

For example the Yosemite National Park’s website list’s the road conditions and other useful information such as weather reports and wildlife activity.  

Wildlife is a major factor to consider when travelling through a National Park. You will come across more animals in these areas than you would on a normal urban road, so it is best to keep your speed to a minimum and also do not have your music on load in the car as this may startle the local wildlife.

Do not throw litter from your vehicle; there are plenty of waste bins provided in the national park. Before you park up your vehicle you must check that you are in a designated parking area; as some land may be protected to allow plant growth or for the local wildlife.

Before you set off on your holiday adventure you must check the condition of your vehicle and ensure that you have sufficient water, oil and fuel to get you through your trip and that your tyres are in a good road worthy condition. It is also a good idea to have a fully charged mobile phone and the number of the parks authorities, just in-case you do break down.

If we all follow the rules of the parks they will still be here for years to come; being appreciated by what is now the younger generation. 

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