"Of the relative multitude of areas on the planet, Bharata Khand is the most recognized. Furthermore, of the relative multitude of nations of Bharata Khand, Utkala flaunts the most noteworthy fame. Its entire degree is one continuous tirtha. Its cheerful occupants live secure gathering in the universe of spirits.

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The people who might in fact visit it, and wash in its consecrated streams, get a reduction of their wrongdoings however they weigh like mountains. Who will portray sufficiently its sacrosanct streams,

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sanctuaries, kshetra, fragrant blossoms, and products of perfect flavor, every one of the benefits,

and benefits of a visit to such a land? What needs to be sure might there be for developing in the gestures of recognition of a locale, which the Devatas themselves joy to possess?" - Kapila Samhita.

"In Utkala (Orissa) there is a kshetra of Lord Krittivasa (Shiva). It eliminates all wrongdoings, and such locales are incredibly intriguing. It has a crore of Shivlings. Is equivalent in legitimacy to Varanasi. Known as Ekamra, it has eight head tirthas." - Brahma Purana.

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Verifiable Outline
The locale of the present Odisha (prior Orissa), with fluctuating geological cutoff points, was differently known as Kalinga, Odra, or Utkala during the old and archaic periods. The earliest reference of Kalinga is found in Ashoka's declarations, Kandhar proclamation of Shar-I-kuna, and Shahbazgarhi decree.

These orders notice the conflict of Kalinga and its resulting consideration into the Mauryan domain. This war was in the last 50% of the third century BCE. The victory of Kalinga is quite possibly of the main episode in Ashoka's life. It is accepted that subsequent to seeing the carnage in this fight, Ashoka turned towards Buddhist confidence and dharma or strict triumph.

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Kalinga is likewise referenced in the renowned engraving of Kharavela. In which he is alluded to as Kalingadhipati or the master of Kalinga. This engraving is dated to the primary century BCE. Reference of Kalinga is additionally tracked down in Pliny's Natural History as Calingae, arranged on the eastern shore of India.

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Bhishma Parva of Mahabharata makes reference to Kalinga and Utkala among the regions of Jambudwipa (India). Sabha-Parva of Mahabharata makes reference to an ivory gift from the ruler of Kalinga.

In Drona-Parva of similar amazing, we comprehend that the ruler of Kalinga battled on the Kauravas in the extraordinary conflict. Xuanzang, the well known Chinese explorer of the seventh century CE, visited the capital of the realm of Kie-Ling-Kia related to Kalinga.


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The earliest reference of Odra is tracked down in the Book VI of Pliny's Natural History. It specifies a country, Oratae, whose lord had just ten elephants however an enormous infantry. It additionally makes reference to two clans, Monaedes and the Suri, whose space was Mount Maleus.

Cunningham recognizes Oratae with Odra, mount Maleus with Mahendra and Monaedes, and Suaris with Munda and Suar clans. On Xuanzang's movements, Cunningham specifies that Wu Ch'a of Xuanzang was Odra.


The beginning of the word Odra isn't exceptionally sure. In any case, the broadly acknowledged hypothesis is that the name was gotten from the race occupying the district. Mitra specifies Oda race who occupy different pieces of Orissa and are the relatives of the aboriginals.

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Part 10 of Harivamsha Purana makes reference to the tale of Utkala. It says when Vaivasvat Manu played out penance to Mitra and Varuna, a wonderful woman named Ila showed up from it. At the point when Ila was not all set with Manu,

Mitra and Varuna changed her into two, one as man, Suddumnya, and one as female, Ila. Ila with Budha delivered Pururava. Suddumnya got three children, Utkala, Gaya and Vinata. Utkala got his capital at Utkalaa.

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A couple of references are given previously. There are a lot more dispersed in various texts, engravings, and different materials. This isn't the spot nor an opportunity to examine these. We just need to feature a couple of the earliest ones. All that cited above demonstrate the artifact of the present Odisha district returns to the Mauryan times. It is authenticated by the two Ashokan decrees tracked down in the state.


Coming to legends and tales, there are many described by early wayfarers. Stirling 8 notices, Cuttack pandits accept that upon the decay of the extraordinary government of upper India at the beginning of the Kaliyuga, four chief lofty positions of Hindu sovereigns administered over the country.

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These were the Narapatis, Aswapatis, Chatrapatis and Gajapatis. Narapatis were the sovereigns of the Telangana and Karnataka nations. Aswapatis were in the Maratha country. Chatrapatis were the Rajput leaders of Jaipur. The last, Gajapatis, was the title for the leaders of Orissa.


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Puri in Orissa has for some time been an extremely renowned Hindu journey site. Stirling was informed that Utkala-Desa contains four journey communities, every one for a particular holiness. These were Hara-Kshetra, Vishnu or Purshottam-Kshetra, Arka or Padma-Kshetra, and Vijayi or Parvati-Kshetra. Hara-Kshetra is the cutting edge Bhubaneshwar. Purshottam-kshetra is Puri. Arka-Kshetra is Konark. Parvati-Kshetra is in Jajpur.


On Bhubaneshwar Stirling states, "At Balwanta, on the new street, sixteen miles from Cuttack, the consideration of an explorer is drawn in by an elevated gigantic pinnacle of stone, ascending from in the midst of the bushes which skirt the bordering outskirts of Khurda.

A way leads through the forest towards the object of interest, and directs, toward the finish of around six miles, to a delicately expanding rough rise or Tangi formes of beds of the iron earth.

On arriving at this you will track down yourself, with bewilderment. In the focal point of a demolished city, comprising completely of abandoned and destroyed pinnacles and sanctuaries hallowed to the love of Mahadeo.

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Under the incalculable titles, which ludicrous legends or the extravagant of his votaries have appointed to that god. From in the midst of the entire, the extraordinary pagoda of the Ling Raj, or Lord of the Lingam, lifts its particular structure. Famously prominent both for size, awesomeness, and predominant style of its design."