The Basics Of Guayaquil, Ecuador

The Basics Of Guayaquil, Ecuador

It's a great idea to make the trip to Guayaquil with an array of activities, regardless of how big or small your group. We're not going to advise the places and attractions you go to while in Guayaquil, however, we could provide some suggestions regarding what there is to do in the city. Similar to many other towns, Guayaquil has both good and bad spots to go to and, if this is your first time to Guayaquil or if you've visited previously, you must take advantage of your visit. It's a good idea to know the kind of journey you're planning to undertake, and Guayaquil offers a variety of interesting experiences that you'll remember for an extended period of time.

There are several places to discover and learn more about this place. So, if you’re visiting and taking flights from Miami to Guayaquil, then take a stroll of the entire city and find out what’s hidden in those tiny bustling streets. Also, book your tickets with Lowest Flight Fare to avail impressive deals.

Guayaquil Things To See And Do

If you are planning to visit Guayaquil, there are plenty of fascinating destinations that are worth a bit hour. The renowned Guayas location in Ecuador offers attractions you have heard of and other attractions that aren't known to those who are not from Guayaquil, and we've compiled the Top Ten List to assist you:

  1. Cerro Santa Ana

Much like the ugly duckling in the Swan Tale, this once undeveloped area was turned into a major tourist attraction that includes a 465-foot staircase, surrounded by colorful restaurants, houses as well as galleries and gift shops.

  1. Parque Historico Guayaquil

It comprises 8 hectares that are separated into three zones including Wild Life, Traditional and Urban Architectural, in which the rural, natural and urban elements are merged into one idea: encouraging preservation of the environment, as well as the rescue of the environment, and promoting traditions.

  1. Malecon 2000

The boardwalk stretches for kilometers along Rio Guayas, this lively boardwalk is well-patrolled both at evening and is home to small food stands, eateries, and a mixture of modern and historic structures.

  1. Parque de las Iguanas

The Guayaquil's historic center and dominated by the magnificent Cathedral of Guayaquil and centered upon a huge monument to Simon Bolivar, Seminar Park could be considered to be unimportant, but for the large number of iguanas who reside in the tiny park.

  1. Las Penas

Las Penas is the oldest and most relaxing area of Guayaquil, The largest capital city of Ecuador. It is a popular neighborhood brimming with colourful traditional houses with restaurants, shops and cafés. It is located near one end of the famed Malecon 2000 boulevard on the banks of Rio Guayas. Family-run restaurants that are charming are scattered throughout the narrow streets. A home to many artists, the area is a popular destination for those who appreciate art.

Take some time to explore the splendid attractions of this place, and make your trip worthwhile. While booking your flights from Medellín, Colombia, don’t just fool around restaurants and tall buildings. Instead, take a good note of what’s under the table.

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