Alaska is a land that is full of glaciers and Mountains and is also heaven to the wildlife as it has an abundance of species of wildlife creatures. Black and brown bears are the most popular creatures live in Alaska in large numbers. Besides this Alaska, there are also many species of birds, especially immigrant birds that flew to Alaska all the way from Europe every year.

Bird watching in Alaska is always a popular activity considering Alaska has many bird-watching sanctuaries and areas where you are likely to watch birds like Hummingbird, Kingfisher end black eagle that is native to Alaska.


If you are not much interested in bird watching then you can put your hands on fishing. Alaska will never let you down when you choose fishing because it has some of the best fishing lodges that offer great fishing experiences and fishing excursions.

Fly-out fishing in Alaska is much popular activity because most of the fishing done in Alaska is in the ocean where you can easily get Solomon. Besides this, you are able also able to do fed fishing and sports fishing in Alaska in many lakes and in the ocean.