Fun River Trips in Northern Costa Rica

9296587680?profile=originalA trip down one of Costa Rica’s rivers, either by raft, canoe, kayak or small boat, is an excellent way to see some of the country’s extraordinary wildlife. The rivers in Costa Rica are as diverse as the terrain through which they flow.


Trees that line most river banks may hold troops of monkeys, lounging iguanas and boas, and birds such as egrets, herons, ibis, ospreys, and colorful kingfishers. Crocodiles and caimans like to sun themselves on muddy banks, or may be cleverly disguised as a floating “log”. If you are lucky, you may catch sight of playful river otters or sunning river turtles.


9008859889?profile=originalIn the northern plains of Costa Rica, on the banks of the San Carlos River, Maquenque Eco-Lodge opens the door for travelers to experience the remarkable rainforest of the Maquenque National Wildlife Refuge. Maquenque is an important region for birds in Costa Rica, and is on the migratory path for many bird species between North and South America.


Maquenque Eco-Lodge is one of the top bird-watching hotels in Costa Rica, with more than 410 species identified in the area. When a guest, be sure to go on a guided bird-watching tour through the gardens, wetlands and forest paths.


Also for bird-watching and wildlife viewing, trips on the San Carlos River, nearby Tres Amigos River, and on the lagoon at the Costa Rica eco-lodge are excellent.


Canoeing on the Lagoon9008860294?profile=original

Early morning is the best time to float softly on the water of the lagoon at Maquenque Eco-Lodge. Listen to the rainforest wake up with all of its amazing sights and sounds.


9296587869?profile=originalSan Carlos River Boat Tour

This trip explores downstream on the San Carlos River by boat. Wildlife you might see include crocodiles, river turtles, bats, herons, kingfishers, king vultures, and much more. Close to the Nicaragua border, the boat stops to visit the small village of Boca Tapada San Carlos.


Tres Amigos River Float Trip9008860083?profile=original

Paddling a raft down the serene waters of the remote Tres Amigos River, through rainforest with overhanging trees and vines, is one of the most tranquil ways to discover Costa Rica’s great beauty. Crystal clear water harbors river otters, crocodiles and river turtles, and the surrounding forest is home to Great Green Macaws, Scarlet Macaws, toucans, aquatic birds, iguanas, and several species of monkeys.


Article by Shannon Farley

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