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On the central west coast of this stunning Indian-Ocean island off the coast of Africa, less than a half hour's drive from capital Port Louis, the quaint fishing village of Flic-en-Flac (the name thought to derive from the old Dutch fried landt flaak, meaning "free flat land," from when Mauritius was held by the Netherlands from the end of the 16th to the beginnng of the 18th century) is home to a thriving tourist industry centered around its 13 kilometres (eight miles) of coastline including a long, gorgeous, white-sand beach along a shallow, coral-reef-protected lagoon. This includes a variety of hotels, resorts, and guest houses for all budgets, along with shops, bars, nightclubs, even a casino. And of course that includes dozens of restaurants. Here's a look at five of the best:

Dragon Vert

Located in nearby Quatre-Bornes - casual but with soothing, elegant, Zen décor - the longstanding "Green Dragon" is a family-run must for lovers of Chinese cuisine (although tweaked for local/European tastes), with favorite dishes including chicken fried rice, prawn croquettes, Szechiuan chicken and shrimp, and "crusty" squid. A little on the pricier end of the local restaurant scale, though, if that matters.

Escale Créole

Mauritian creole cuisine reflects the island's diversity of cultural influences, including African, South Asian, and European, and this homey spot in a lush tropical garden specializes in warm service and savory, exotic dishes such as creole sausages, rougaille (pork-and-tomato stew), cabbage and salted fish cangraillé, chicken curry, and salmi venison, all served with rice, beans, and chutneys. Open weekdays for lunch only (as well as one Saturday per month).


Panarottis Pizza Pasta

Everybody loves pizza, right? This restaurant is child friendly which means they can stay busy with things and you can spend some quality time with your loved one.

Rajah Saheb Indian Restaurant

Two-thirds of Mauritius' population is descended from laborers brought from the Indian Subcontinent, and India and Bangladesh remain among its main sources of immigration. So you'd expect great Indian restaurants, and this one in Quatre-Bornes is a good example. Quatre Borne hosts you with this restaurant for the popular Indian cuisine. The parking and WiFi here is not a fret and this is the perfect place to plan for parties and conferences. You will not be disappointed by this place.


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