Because they provide an authentic Moroccan experience, best riads in Fez Morocco are fantastic. Traditional Moroccan riads are world-renowned for their ornate design and craftsmanship. The exquisite, hand-laid tile work commonly associated with Morocco is visible everywhere. Traditional designs of riads offer a lively yet peaceful ambience, perfect for unwinding. You won't find better service or cuisine than this at any hotel you've stayed at. A riad is where you have your favorite Moroccan dinner while there! Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Moroccan culture as locals show you around in their traditional riad style.

They offer beautiful central courtyard with a high, open ceiling

A central courtyard with an open ceiling is a vital feature of most riads. A modest riad may have one or two fountains. Plus, most of the larger riads offer swimming pools to their visitors. You may also count on the presence of verdant trees, plants, and flowers to adorn the area. The garden aims to achieve a haven of greenery in the middle of the city. Well, the riads are designed with this central region in mind because it is so beautiful. The windows and balconies face inwards instead of the outside world. Each room's window will face the courtyard rather than the street outside.

During the day, the entire house feels like a sunroom because of the abundance of natural light. Two distinct contexts have made use of this design. This spacious home with a central courtyard can be a welcome refuge from the heat in the sweltering Moroccan summers. This function ensures that riads remain pleasant throughout the summer, even during the warmest parts of the day.

Accommodations: A limited selection of tastefully furnished suites

Size is a defining characteristic of riads as opposed to hotels. With fewer rooms to decorate, each one can be given its distinct personality. Every detail of the room is meticulously designed. Instead of having a uniform design, each area will showcase its unique personality and characteristics. Your room's exquisite woodwork and artwork will astound you.

It is centrally located within the Medina

You will appreciate the uniqueness of this place once you come inside. You can find a riad in any of the old towns. These refuges are located on the outdoors, away from the din of everyday life. A riad is a little oasis in the middle of a bustling city. After venturing into the bustling streets, many travellers have found this tranquil contrast quite appealing.

Drawbacks: Riads demand a higher price

Staying in a riad does have its drawbacks. Comparison to a hotel, the price for such exquisite service and furnishings will be much higher. Therefore, there may be better options than a riad if cost is your primary concern. You don't need anything fancy if you're only going to spend the day sightseeing or need somewhere to sleep before your flight. The location and signage of a riad make it more or less challenging to locate than a hotel.


Despite the price difference compared to hotels, we have personally witnessed people thoroughly enjoying their time in riads. Most guests at a riad leave wishing to return for another unforgettable experience. Visit Morocco Roamer Blog to uncover about Moroccan Sahara Desert guide and most enchanting destinations.

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