Essentials for a beach vacation in Costa Rica

Summer's end doesn’t mean a stop to beach vacations, if you think tropical. Head south this time of year for great deals on a beach vacation in Costa Rica. What to pack? Get our essential packing guide.

9009080475?profile=originalIt’s nearing the end of summer. But that doesn’t mean it’s the end for beach vacations. When temperatures start to nosedive at home, think tropical. And head south for a beach vacation in Costa Rica – glorious any time of year. With all of the flights from North America and Europe arriving in Costa Rica, you can be dipping your toes in warm sand and surf in a matter of hours.

What could be better than relaxing on a tropical beach? Palm trees overhead, sunshine sparkling on brilliant blue ocean, lying on warm sand, and nothing to do but enjoy.

9009080492?profile=originalThis time of year, you can get great travel deals, like this one at Hotel Tropico Latino in Costa Rica. During August, September and October, enjoy up to 40% off room rates, free Wi-Fi, free parking, and breakfast for two, all included if you book directly.

And while you’re at it, plan to give back while on vacation with the Hotel Tropico Latino “$5 Check Out Program” that allows you to help fund community and environmental initiatives in Santa Teresa. So, start making your travel plans and find out why Costa Rica beach vacations are pure bliss.

9296616868?profile=originalWhat do you need to stay in style on your Costa Rica beach holiday? Here’s an easy guide to 10 essentials you’ll want for a beach vacation in Costa Rica.

1. Obviously you need a swimsuit. Basic but elegant is the rule here. Costa Rica is a tropical country, but also a conservative one, so leave that skimpy thong bikini at home; and don’t even think of going topless, ladies.

9009080874?profile=original2. Sunglasses are vital. They protect your eyes from the sun, sand and glare of the brilliant blue ocean. Choose a slightly oversized pair for that mysterious glamour look (they also protect your eyes more).

9009081260?profile=original3. A sun hat is both stylish and necessary for survival under the hot tropical sun. Bring a ball cap or visor for sports activities; and for lounging and around town, a packable straw hat – a classic Panama hat is always a favorite. (Remember, the bigger the brim, the better the coverage.)

9009081683?profile=original4. A few beach sarongs are indispensable. They work great as a beach cover-up and beach blanket, and double as a skirt with a cute halter top or tank top for around town or out to eat.

5. Bring a few effortless wardrobe pieces that you mix and match into stylish looks for multiple outfits – a few sundresses, non-wrinkle tops, shorts, skirts, and a pair of lightweight pants – in matching colors. Remember, it’s hot at the beach in Costa Rica. Still, you should bring a light sweater or jacket in case it gets breezy at night, and for air-conditioned planes, etc.

9009082291?profile=original6. A pair of flip-flops or beach sandals, and a pair of dress sandals for dining in that chic waterfront restaurant at night. If you plan on doing any adventure tours in Costa Rica, you will want to add a sturdy pair of sports shoes.

7. Beach beauty must-haves: lightweight sunscreen for your face – Neutrogena and Aveeno are good brands; the new sun-block sticks help you travel liquid free and come in SPF 30 and higher; and don’t forget after-sun aloe vera gel to keep your skin hydrated, and take the edge off any sunburn. Bring your favorite hydrating shampoo and conditioner in travel-size to help fend off sun, salt and sand damage to your hair. And be sure to have lip gloss with sun protection.

8. Your sturdy, lightweight beach bag can double as your carry-on for the flight, and a tote for those all-day tours. Bring a smaller, lightweight cloth purse, big enough to slip in a few bills, ID, lipstick and your resort room key, for going out at night.

9009082094?profile=original9. You can’t go on a beach vacation without a good read. Thankfully, carrying a few fun summer books is easy with an iPad or Kindle. And you can even download your favorite magazines. Don’t forget your portable charger.

10. Nowadays, your smartphone doubles as your camera, so there’s no need to pack an extra item. Make sure you have enough storage, or a way to download images to your reading tablet – iPad or Kindle, etc. And be sure to bring your phone charger.


Article by Shannon Farley

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