I watched “Eat, Pray, Love” for the second time last night (okay, third - plus I read the book). Here are the effects it had upon me:

  • It made me hungry for Italian food - most especially pizza in Naples
  • It made me hungry for Italian men but then I got tired and that desire dissipated
  • It made me re-examine my life (for 1hr 25 min.)
  • The above noted “It made me” gave me a headache and so that dissipated as well
  • It made me want to date James Franco
  • It made me want to cycle in Bali but not get hit by a hot man in a jeep
  • It made me want to go to India and take an oath of silence
  • The above noted “It made me” is not possible whether in India or anywhere else
  • I discovered that I may be in love with Julia Roberts
  • The above “I discovered” made my husband way too happy so I took it back

But when you see a movie like this, doesn't it make you wonder how different your life may be or how much more enriched it would be if you did travel and Eat, Pray, Love?

Travel is afterall somewhat mystical and a fresh start to something new - something invigorating that allows you to escape not only your every day routine but YOURSELF.


It's spiritual and what better place than a Yoga Retreat or a bistro that serves a hot buttery croissant with a delciously frothing latte to find yourself in spirit and in downright "eat everything in sight" meditation (what you've never heard of "eating meditation?" you know - it's when you return home from a day of work and you are starving marving - whatever that means - so you find a bag of chips in the pantry and you start shoving them down your throat as you stare into oblivion - and there you are in the great state of "eating meditation").

So here is what “Eat, Pray, Love” has inspired me to do:

  • Cook pasta and sauce from scratch
  • Meditate
  • Travel
  • Love

P.S. You can forget about the first 2 but the last 2 are a given.

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  • Yes Vincent - you get credit for doing any of the 4 points because they all relate to some of the finest things in life.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Do I get any points for doing 3 out of 4? Besides I make the best sauce, we call it gravy, in the world. You can guess which of the 4 I don't do. 

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