Moroccan cuisine is a mixture of influences from a number of different cultures such as the Berbers, the Moors, the Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa, although it has its own personality as it never underwent Turkish influence, unlike other countries in the Maghreb.

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most sensual in the world; it goes directly to the senses with a taste and aroma that not many international cuisines are capable of achieving. At the same time it is very simple to make and very familiar, as a Moroccan proverb says: “at mealtime, you don’t talk”. With the exception of couscous, which is normally eaten with a spoon, Moroccans usually eat with three fingers of their right hand.

The main characteristic of Moroccan cuisine is the masterful use of sweet and savory. The ingredients used in the traditional dishes of Morocco are diverse; we could highlight the vegetables, meat and spices.

Contrasted tastes are frequent in Moroccan cuisine. One of the main dishes is Harira, a soup based on vegetables and condiments, as well as meat. Another typical dish is Tajine, made with meat or fish, accompanied by different kinds of vegetables.

Pastilla, made of pastry and meat, is another exquisite dish, like Couscous, a recipe that combines chicken and lamb together with vegetables, semolina and eggs. We could also highlight the vegetable salads, which accompany many traditional dishes.

Moroccan desserts are delicious. Honey, pistachiosdried fruits such as walnuts and almonds are the main ingredients. As far as drinks are concerned, beer and wine are the usual; mint tea is a typical drink.

Food is an act of hospitality and when a traveler is invited to eat it is a formal act of gratitude. He is usually given one of the best places at the table. Mint tea and food are offered to visitors as soon as they come through the door, and if a visitor insists that he does not want it, he is seen as rude, so now you know, never say no when you are offered a cup of tea!



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