10 Terrific Eco./Adventure Escapes in Costa Rica


It could be said that this small Central American country beginning in the 1990s, pioneered the ecotourism boom that has spread across the globe. Besides its vaunted Pacific and Caribbean beaches, Packed into just 19,730 square miles -  a good bit smaller than West Virginia and a bit over twice the size of Wales - it boasts 29 national parks, 19 wildlife refuges, eight biological reserves, and an additional slew of protected areas. 

You will naturally be able to enjoy experiences with the sea, but there will also be equal opportunities to spend with rare wildlife, witness some breathtaking falls, and also get to see an active volcano.  

The Celeste River- The river seems as one of the prettiest natural wonders in the world, majorly due to its crystal clear waters. In order to get to this river, you would need to hike through a rainforest and cross boulders.

Montezuma- This is a beautiful strip of land in the Nicoya peninsula, and is often regarded by tourists as the best part of Costa Rica. A nature reserve, beaches, and an exotic island are part of this area. In addition, several fine dining restaurants are also present in Montezuma.

La Fortuna- This trip will allow you to see three natural wonders in a single day. It will give you the chance to see the La Fortuna waterfall, Lake Arenal, and the Arenal Volcano, which is active and had last erupted in 2010. Tours are usually limited to a maximum of 10 persons for highly personalized experiences. At the end of this tour are the Arenal Hanging Bridges, which is a canopy tour that takes visitors deeper into the rainforest.    

Guachipelin Adventure- This action-packed trip will give you the chance to enjoy a beautiful horseback ride, river tubing adventure, a volcanic mud bath, and a zipline canopy tour on a single day.  Guachipelin is a place within the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, and is a famous destination for adventure tours.

Cerro Chato- Cerro Chato, at a height of 3,740 feet above sea level, is very close to the Arenal volcano. The trail up to this mountain is quite steep, and can get pretty muddy as well. There is a greenish lake in a crater close to the mountain where many people take dips regularly.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary- If someone in your family wants to know how injured animals are rescued and then freed in the wilderness, he or she can find out from the highly knowledgeable guides. These guides will also share information about many of the permanent residents of the Alturas sanctuary. You may get to hear a number of interesting animal stories, and it will be a delight for you to know about the compassionate staff of this sanctuary. Entertainment and education go hand in hand at this location.

Albatros Tamarindo Sailing Sunset Cruise- You will get to see a beautiful sunset at the Guanacaste Coast in the Pacific Ocean during this sunset cruise. A six course gourmet meal is also part of the tour, and you can even opt for a snorkeling stop. Enjoy a swim, sunbathe or snorkel at this place as per your wish. Live music is usually a part of the entire cruise. And yes, this cruise will be a lot of fun for your entire family.

Manuel Antonio- There are plenty of tours available to make the most of this wonderful locale. Let’s face it, there’ll be many parts of this area that you are unlikely to be familiar with; a suitable tour will help you visit all the interesting spots here, without wasting too much time. Snorkeling and kayaking are two adventurous activities you can do on the Pacific Ocean. There is also a twin zip line to be enjoyed here. There are a number of interesting restaurants here for you to enjoy lunch.

Black Stallion Eco Park- This will further satisfy your appetite for horseback riding, and monkeys are likely to be present all around. You can have fun on the ATV as well. Tasty BBQ awaits you in this park.

Nature Observatorio- This is the name of a treehouse that allows scenic views of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Park.  Get ready to be mesmerized by the design of this gorgeous treehouse, unlike any other wildlife sanctuary you may have visited in the past. The friendly guide will help you see and click photographs of different types of birds, insects, frogs, and other animals in the primary forest.

Costa Ricans refer to themselves as ‘Ticas’ and ‘Ticos’, and the sun sets and rises at the same time here every day, throughout the year. A visit to this beautiful country will certainly recharge your entire family.

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