Or what every frequently-flying woman, and bride going on her honeymoon, needs to know about staying healthy and fit in the air.

If travel had a diva....someone who embodied the talent of looking great while facing the challenges, exhaustion, fun and frustration of Travel, it'd have to be Debbi Kickham.

Known to us in the travel world as Debbi Karpowicz, her most recent book The Globetrotters Get-Gorgeous Guide is pure Debbi: sassy, irreverent, helpful, fun to read and full of personality.

The 349 page book features Debbi, a former editor of The Robb Report and media expert,  on fhe cover applying lipstick and checking herself out, not with a mirror,  but with a globe of the world in her hand.  And that, for someone who travels extensively while  taking care of herself, is an apt image

Her book is all about health and beauty tips gleaned from extensive discussions and interviews with women road warriors.
We learn, for example, how flight attendants keep fit and stay healthy as they share their insights and practices, from a certain cream found on the streets of Paris, to applying cold yogurt to the face as a moisturizer.

But, men, the book is for you too. Kickham drives home the truth that anyone’s diet and exercise routine takes a big hit when traveling.

She talks to broadcasters and TV personalities; she chats with women executives, models and hard-working women CEO’s who travel constantly.
The Travel Channel's former anchor, Samantha Brown (she wrote the foreword to the book), for example,  and Joan Lunden, formerly of Good Morning America, tell Debbi what they eat in the air or while rushing to get there. String cheese, almonds, fruit seem to be favorites.
And they tell us how they exercise on the road: water bottles as weights seem popular, as does jumping rope, without the rope in the hotel room.

Kickham actually got the idea for her book in Thailand when, to her dismay, the gym was closed, and she ended up doing step aerobics in her hotel room’s bathroom, which fortunately had stairs.
And the book has clearly addressed a need: It climbed to the top spot on Amazon.com in the Honeymoon Travel Guide category, and was featured in USA Today’s travel magazine.

She manages to suss out the  travel wisdom of  women from all kinds of careers (all frequent flyers, of course) in a kind of “beauty without borders” approach, all the while filling her pages with helpful tips including what luggage is the best; what websites work for women travelers Wyndham's Women on Their Way; and what hotels, spas and airlines women should choose to help stay fit and healthy while traveling. She herself travels with eyeshades, Oscillococninum, a homeopathic remedy for flu symptoms, a satin pillowcase and lots of dried fruit and puffed rice cereal.

And she provides helpful hints from specific countries. So now we know that in Greece, Apivita makes the Melina Mercouri of Greek beauty products, while Honduras has an oil unique to the rainforest that does wonders for the hair. It’s called Ojon.

Nothing escapes the authors attention when it comes to savvy traveling, so it's no exaggeration to suggest that hers may be the World's First Beauty Book for Traveling Women.

And if one isn't a super frequent flyer, The Globetrotter's Get-Gorgeous Guide is a fun read, loaded with real-world information, anecdotes, and tips from celebs who are pretty much down to earth, even though they live up in the air most of the time.

As Diane Sukiennik, Editor of Food and Wine Access says, "At last! A practical how- to beauty book that comes from the trenches."

Globetrotter is available through Amazon for $24.95 .

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