Blowfish Soothes Travel Fatigue


I’m not much into excessive drinking anymore. The mornings after were just too punishing. But now my weakness is having a glass of wine or beer and then occasionally a snifter of cognac or whiskey as a night cap…which is a big no-no as well for avoiding hangover territory.

I’m always open to new ideas and remedies for easing the negative effects of alcohol consumption not only for this stated purpose but also for fighting similar symptoms associated with travel fatigue. Cutting through the foggy haze of jet lag and your scrunched lower back after a long red eye flight is just as debilitating as a few too many.

So I recently had the chance to try out Blowfish, a brand-new over-the-counter hangover remedy. I'm not one to pop pills...almost ever...except when I have a bad cold, can't breathe, and consequently can't sleep. Something has to give. Same with a recent long flight I had...arrived on a direct flight from Brussels to Dubai. It's 8:30 a.m. local time but my internal clock feels like 4 a.m.. And my seat was a punishing coach on a packed legs sneaking up onto an empty seat next to me. Tired and sore, I dissolved 2 tablets in a plastic cup of water as per my diligent reading of the instructions. Effervescing just like Alka-Seltzer, the dissolved Blowfish tabs had the same taste with just the right amount of medicinal caffeine minimizing stomach acid production. Since they're effervescent tablets made with a soluble form of aspirin that neutralizes gastric fluids, Blowfish naturally buffers the stomach, works twice as quickly as a conventional pill, and helps you rehydrate restoring alertness.

The take away here is that Blowfish is definitely a nudge instead of a whack on the head for curing jet lag or a night of overindulgence...and this is a good thing for your system & well-being.

Photo courtesy of Blowfish. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored tasting.

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  • Drinking lots of water when you drink alcohol is still most important thing but sometimes, you know you don't. Glad you posted this Steve and I will try it!

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