Bhrigu Lake, High in the Indian Himalayas

This is my journey experience to the Bhrigu lake trek situated in the higher Himalayas near the touristy mountain town of Manali in India.

Manali – Chauda Mod


On the fourth of August, I reach Chandigarh. "At regular intervals you will get a transport a Manali, don't stress" said the most sure taxi wala I have ever observed. I asked him once more "Bhai, Will I get an AC transport". He said "Don't stress, obviously you will". With the desire for a fair transport ride up the slopes I arrived at the transport remain in Chandigarh. On request I was told just neighborhood transport, no Volvo before eight in the night! Presently, I didn't have a very remarkable decision. I got into the primary neighborhood transport I found. Also, in this way started the most noticeably awful transport excursion of my life yet. Chandighar to Manali – Eleven and a Half Hours! OUCH!


                                                     The Bhrigu Lake at a distance

After that endless transport ride I discovered home in a little inn called 'Lodging Solang', off Mall Road, Manali. Everything I could do next was rest and plan to have a serene beginning to my trip the following day. Toward the beginning of the day at around 6:30am I was woken up by the sound of the downpour lashing on my window. Eager to start my journey I prepared and strolled to the gathering purpose of my trip, not very a long way from the lodging. Everything was well up until now.



Exactly when we were becoming more acquainted with each other, some terrible news tagged along. The fifth of Aug, being a Tuesday, makes it the one day of the week when Manali-Rotang expressway is shut for support. Not to release our day to squander, our guide proposed we do another little journey. He took us to Anjani Mahadev Temple. Arranged in Solang Valley, it is a three kilometer trip to see a Shivling with a cascade dropping right on head of it.



The journey to the shivling resembled a get ready for the further trips we would do. A short rough territory with a beautiful perspective on the Shivling toward the end.



Post this, we took a taxi to Chauda Mod and began journey to our campground. The first and the most limited stretch of the journey was over before you could know it. We set up tents and let the cooks serve us with some hot tea. We simply went through the night becoming accustomed to the height. Following stage was to let the way that we will live in tents and crap in woods sink in. Our tents opened to a perspective on the mountains, and our wellspring of water was a stream, streaming right close to us. The night gradually started to occur to on us and it turned out to be freezing – extremely quick. Our guide, Sanju, with a great deal of exertion set up a campfire for us. When we were all warm around it, he revealed to us this was the last fire of the excursion in light of the fact that as we move higher, we will cross the timberline and there will be no wellspring of wood for the fire. Similarly as the kindling wore out there was nothing more left to do.


Thus, we as a whole chose to get some shut eye, Unsure how hard or other bad habit this trip will become in the days to come.



Ravalikoli – Bhrigu Lake (4235m) – Theli (3500m)


Right off the bat, I need to begin by saying 'sorry' for the deferral. Never truly discovered chance to complete this post. Be that as it may, here it goes –


Day three began with expectations, dreams and fervor. We were at long last going to make it to our objective on this day. The climate was not on our side when we woke up, Sight showers!


There were another gathering of adventurers who were enjoying the great outdoors directly close to us who had returned from Bhrigu Lake the previous night. On asking them what should we expect they said everything will be very straightforward, despite the fact that there is a precarious 500mts hop in transit which alone will take a couple of hours. With those encouraging statements (or not) we put out on our way.


Similarly as we began our ascension, we encountered what we as a whole were hanging tight for directly from the beginning of the trip – The Snow Patches. While I had no issue strolling on the day off, discovered it rather testing. Traverse from one snow fix to the next and you abruptly enter a rough territory. Truly on this leg of the trip we saw territories change quickly.


Just about two hours into the walk we arrive at our greatest bad dream – That lofty 500mt trip.


Presently, the folks at our camp where not in any way misrepresenting. This was the steepest trip we had seen on our journey up until now. Like I referenced, the territory was changing with each progression. Just on this one incline we saw it go from rocks to ice and back to gigantic rocks. This incline alone took us over 90 minutes to climb. Be that as it may, subsequent to putting all that we had into the trip and arriving at the top, in at the very least 15 minutes we had arrived at the most elevated purpose of the journey, Bhrigu Lake at 4235mts!!



Like the name proposes it's a lake. However, the story behind it is that back in the days, sages would come here to reflect and local people accept this is the motivation behind why this lake never freezes. Intriguing?


We invested some energy there clicking bunch photographs and appreciating the way that we had made it here as of now. When the fervor quiet down we sat by the side and ate our pressed snacks and I should state that sandwich suggested a flavor like paradise enveloped by a tin-foil.


Similarly as we began to leave the lake a light shower began to drop and inside no time the valley was loaded up with fog and mists. To ensure none of free track, we followed our guide like a subdued canine would follow his lord. By late evening we were at our base camp at Theli and spent the remainder of the day discussing that 500mts trip and how we as a whole had the hardest time today.


Around evening time the climate got so cool, remaining outside was not so much as an alternative. Day three reaches a conclusion and we hit the roughage realizing that we made it to the top


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