Are Gadgets Making Us Antisocial?


I'm writing on a laptop. Yes I am. I have a blackberry, not an iphone. I do not own a kindle, portable tv or an ipad. I resisted the VHS to DVD switch. I love my original nintendo and don't own (and never have) an xbox, playstation or Wii. I, however, am feeling guilty. On my travels there are some essentials. Computer, Camera, phone, Ipod, chargers (wall and car), dvd player, you know the list. I was at the airport waiting for my plane and stopped. In the crowded waiting room, I noticed everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was on a gadget. Sometimes two. I saw men on their phones playing with their Ipads. I saw a new Google Chrome station in the back. People were occupied, but in their own little worlds.  Lost are the days of handshakes and chit chat.  Everything is about multi tasking, occupying down time, and instant gratification.  Gone are the days of a nice dinner with your phone off and movie theaters without obnoxious ringing tones (OMG I HATE THOSE PEOPLE.)  I am behind the technological 8 ball, and I still feel guilty. I've used Starbucks just for the free Wi-fi (like the rest of Los Angeles).  

9008634890?profile=originalMy father, can't text. My
mother just learned how to send a pic from her phone.  God bless them. These gadgets are designed to make our lives easier, however, DO NOT LET THEM CONSUME YOU. Once in awhile, turn your phone off.It'll be okay I promise you.  So let's do this together. Next time you are somewhere, just start a conversation. Who knows, maybe you'll be sitting next to me in the airport. :)