A Guide to the Taj Mahal: What Visitors Should Know

The Taj Mahal, a monument of love and devotion built in the 17th century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his favourite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, resulted from the labour of around 20,000 people. Things to know about Agra day tour packages.

If you're planning a trip to see the Taj Mahal with your family, here are ten things you must know-

  1. Watch out for fake local "guides":

It is common practice for local touts to approach tourists and offer their services as guides. Be wary, as they are not officially recognized by the government, may need to understand English fully, and may give you false information.

Many guides won't disclose their fees upfront, forcing you into haggling and post-trip regret. Instead, plan and hire a guide through an established company like Taj Mahal Tour Packages.

  1. Looking Out Over Mehtab Bagh:

Do you realize the best place to see the Taj is not even there? Shah Jahan claimed the ideal vantage point for the Taj was from the floodplains high above the Yamuna River.

  1. When You Should Go:

Sunrise is typically the best time to see the Taj Mahal, as there will be fewer visitors, and the light will be soft enough for photographs. For the same reasons, sunset is also a good time to go, though it tends to be busier than morning. 

  1. Book Your Seat on the Next Delhi Express:

The Taj Mahal is best seen from a train rather than a car departing from Delhi. The Gatimaan Express departs from Delhi at 8:10 am and arrives in Agra at 9:50 am, reducing the four-hour travel to only 100 minutes. The group returns to Delhi at 19:30, having left Agra at 17:30.

  1. What to Wear:

Laws of virtue apply, although there is no prescribed clothing code. Men can choose an appropriate outfit depending on the weather, but wearing long shorts or pants and a T-shirt or shirt with sleeves (instead of a tank top) is best.

  1. Discard It:

Before entering the building, there is a security checkpoint with separate lines for men and women. Bags larger than a daypack are not permitted. The shorter the bag, the less time you'll spend waiting in line for the safety check.

  1. Contents of the Entry Fee:

Foreigners pay 1050 to enter now, while children under 15 go in for free. The main tomb carries a 200 surcharge. A tourist map, water bottle, shoe coverings, a golf cart, and battery bus services are all included in the foreigner admittance fee.

  1. Choose the Gate:

There is a 500-meter no-drive zone around the property to help cut down on pollution. The East and West Gate of the Taj Mahal are the only ways in.

  1. Moonlight Viewing:

Nighttime visits are possible during the full moon and the two days before and after. The adventure can be scheduled only one day before the full moon, and the weather plays a major role in whether or not the masterpiece is visible.


Visitors are restricted to see the building from a distance of 500 meters. The facility can accommodate up to 400 guests at once. These 400 people are then split into eight groups of 50.

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