A funny thing called christmas

I was sitting in my t-shirt in Federation square, just enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the warm sun. I saw people who just finished their christmas shopping or were leaving the many different art galleries around Federation Square. Me, I was just relaxing and enjoying my time in Melbourne and looked at the cathedral, where they displayed a christmas tree and stars on the cathedral. I loved this moment.

Christmas back home before I was addicted to travel and when I really loved ugly sweaters

That was exactly one year ago. This year I'm back in Holland again. Happy to be back seeying my friends and family again. Although I love my friends and family very much, christmas is always a bit different here. It's mostly cold, there's not a lot of sun and of course there's the occasional family drama. A lot of people think it's weird to celebrate christmas in the sun.

Why? It's perfect. Ok, you don't have any snow but what is more perfect than having a barbecue on the beach, seeing the sunset and celebrating christmas. I loved it!

What do you prefer? A christmas in the sun? Or a christmas in the snow?