10 unique things about Singapore for free 2019

Traveling to Singapore is a dream of many. But being a global financial center, the place is a relatively expensive one to visit. People spend their entire life to earn and collect money for visiting Singapore to fulfill their dreams. Travel around Singapore within your budget is a bit tough.

Though Singapore tour packages avail the offers for the trip, the trip may jump out of your defined budget. The best idea to have more fun in Singapore is to opt for some free things to do there. We are going to elicit some free things to do in Singapore 2019.

By doing the free things in Singapore, you can spare money and get more joy without making a hole in your pocket. Firstly, you need to know that where to go in Singapore when board and once you get settled there, start planning to make the trip special. Here we are going to list some unique and free things to do in Singapore 2019 that you must do to get fruition in this sumptuous city –


  1. Festival celebrations

Similar to the city, the festival celebrations are also very colorful and vibrant. These are the best opportunity to witness and enjoy the light of the city. Here, you can meet new people and make some amazing friends.

There are various festive celebrations like, New Year, Diwali and mid-autumn that lets you enjoy the crowds of Singapore. The festivals and carnivals are the parts of Singapore. Additionally, this is a great way to join the city without spending a penny.


  1. Open Air Cinema

Who does not like to enjoy the cinema on a giant screen? Of course, we all look for something in our places. We pay some of the amounts for this kind of joy. But, Singapore has such an outdoor screen that is a giant one to indulge your desire.


You need to choose the movie or you can join that as a stranger. This is going to be an extraordinary experience for you as there is a movie on a big screen but you don’t need to pay for the same.


  1. Supertrees of Garden by the Bay

The trip to Singapore is incomplete without having around to the Garden by the Bay. The place has immense popularity because of its Supertrees. These are home to some exotic and exciting varieties of plants.

The garden is an example of creativity and knowledge. This free attraction of Singapore has fantastic waterfront views along with plants and flowers. Nighttime is preferable for visiting the place for super views of supertrees.


  1. Fish Baiting

Yishun Dam is the place which is going to serve you with the unique experience of fish baiting, even in zero cost. This is a popular fishing spot in Singapore, where people come to indulge their fishing desire.

The density of fish is a bit high so, the probability of catching them goes higher. You can enjoy some awesome experiences while trapping them. The tranquility of the place is worth to feel.


  1. Doodling on wall

There is a wall in Singapore, which offers enough space to people for creating doodles from the dawn to dark of every day. There are many, who love to do that in their area but afraid of some cop there. The wall is helping them to paint their desire.


You can make the patterns without any restrictions and additionally, you can watch some unique doodles on the wall as a free activity.


  1. Kite Flying

Marina Barrage is a great place where people gather with their friends and fly kites. This is a free activity what can enjoy in Singapore. This runs all the time here, as people come and chill by flying kits.

This is your choice whether you want to fly one or not, you can simply watch and enjoy the colorful kits in the sky.


  1. Pics with Merlion Statue

The Merlion Statue is an iconic attraction of Singapore. Many people know Singapore with this statue only. So, if you are coming to the city, you must take a snap with this statue.

This a kind of free stuff to take home after the trip. The statue is made of the half lion and half fish appearance. You must take numerous pictures with this as an emblem of memory.


  1. Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra soothes the atmosphere and so as Singapore Symphony Orchestra too. If you want to enjoy but afraid of the ticket prices, this is just here.


The community outreach program makes it away from the ticket prices. They organize free concerts at different places in Singapore.


  1. Hiking

Follow the trail of Mount Faber as this hiking is one of the most exciting free things to do in Singapore. You can witness the amazing aerial view of Singapore’s skyline from the top after reaching and completing the hiking here.

Additionally, you can witness the extraordinary beauty of the place in the evening time. Flora and fauna will make you fall in love with the place.


  1. Free Market

The list of free and unique things of Singapore will never be completed without mentioning the Free Market. It is quite hard to imagine a ‘Market’ with the term ‘Free’. But you catch it right Singapore has a free market where people wander and pick their desired assets.

You can forget your wallet while grabbing the things from this market. Repay anything depends upon your kindness, but it is not mandatory. You can get the things at zero cost and enjoy the whole new level of shopping experience.


Final words

There are many more free things to do in Singapore 2019. The list is here to help you for grabbing the unique experiences from all of them. The Singapore tour packages adorn surprises for you. These will help you to gather more and more remembrance of the trip without tearing your wallets. Now, you can plan the trip with some relaxation from expanses.


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